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Have you ever wanted to step away from your norm and try something different? It’s easy to get caught up in the every day routine of life, which doesn’t change without actively changing our behaviors. A small act can help boost your confidence, or just allow you to know that you are capable of doing something different, at whatever age.


It is often common to begin feeling unsexy or not desirable as we make our way through the days, which turn into weeks. We wear work clothes and change when we get home. The majority of us with partners/kids/animals, get comfortable and don’t often focus on making ourselves feel attractive.


This past weekend, I stepped out of my own comfort zone and tried something completely new… I went braless! Yes, I did! It was something I had been thinking about before, but never had the guts to do it because I’ve always been conscious of having larger breasts and the aftermath of children. I found an outfit that I figured would work well with my goal and decided to wear pasties so my nipples weren’t staring at people like headlights. Getting ready was also the last thing I did right before we stepped out so I wouldn’t loose my motivation and couldn’t find all the flaws I normally would. And off we went!


Through the night I ended up taking the pasties off as they were visible through the shirt and were fairly bumpy. So they were peeled away and I knew from that point on that I needed to rock it or it wouldn’t be convincing that I was comfortable in my own skin. And it worked. I was able to walk to the bathroom through the bar we were at and didn’t hunch over so people wouldn’t pay attention. I walked with head straight up and my back upright. I didn’t feel self-conscious and my guy loved it as well because it was a little secret for us. This in itself was a turn on because he would grab on me during the evening, which was a bit of soft foreplay. It felt good... a little risqué! It was something that made me feel sexier, hence showing in my behavior, and confidence is the best turn on of all! I will definitely do it again during another night out and maybe even more often at home. I recommend you step out of your comfort zone as well!

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